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Guidance Department

Karen Barta
6-12 Guidance Counselor
Phone: (740) 694-2726 x3411
Fax: (740) 694-1294

Melissa White
K-5 Guidance Counselor
Phone: (740) 694-2781 x3410
Fax: (740) 694-1294

Hannah Art
K-12 Social Worker
Phone: (740) 694-2726 x3412
Fax: (740) 694-1294

Cindy Truex
K-12 Social Worker
Phone: (740) 694-2726 x3413
Fax: (740) 694-1294

Rhonda Goeppinger
Guidance Secretary/Registrar
Phone: (740) 694-2726 x3400
Fax: (740) 694-1294

Need a transcript? If you are a current FHS student or graduated recently, please fill out a Transcript Request Form from the guidance office or contact us at the number listed below. Be sure to include the address of where you want your transcript sent. If you are a former student who graduated in 2013 or before, please contact the administrative offices at 740.694.2956 to request your transcript.  You can also click on Transcript Request Google Form below to request a transcript.  

Honors diploma requirements for the class of 2021 and beyond! Click here for information.

Honors diploma requirements are being revised for the class of 2026 and beyond!  Click here for information on the revised honors diploma criteria.

Ohio's options for a high school diploma   First, Students must earn 21 high school credits in specified subjects and take the AIR or Ohio's State Tests.  Second,  students must earn a passing score (684) on Ohio's high school Algebra 1 and English II tests.  Students who do not pass the test will be offered additional support and musts retake the test at least once.  There are 3 additional ways to show competency.  Please see Mrs. Barta for more details.  Third,  students must earn 2 of the diploma seals.  For more information please click here.  

Click here to visit the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website for more information for your graduating class.

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