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Updated Quarantine Guidelines

Fredericktown Local Schools has chosen to Opt-In to the Knox Public Health Modified Quarantine Guidelines.

Fredericktown Local Schools will continue to follow the Board of Education Face Mask Policy-8450.01. The Knox Public Health Quarantine Opt-In only applies to in-class instruction during the instructional day. An Opt-In student may not participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, and all other extracurriculars during their quarantine period, even if they are able to attend school using the modified quarantine guidelines, per Knox Public Health.

Fredericktown Local Schools will notify parents/guardians of students identified as close contacts and follow the procedures identified in the Knox Public Health document from above.

K-12 students identified as close contacts, who participate in the program, will report to the nurse each day, upon arrival at school, for a Symptom Assessment (click here to download). Students who pass the Symptom Assessment may proceed to class and properly wear a facial covering at all times except when authorized to remove it by school personnel (example: eating). Students who do not pass the Symptom Assessment will be sent home. They will wait in the quarantine room for pick-up by the parent or guardian.

Students who do not meet the criteria at any time during the school day and/or fail to wear an approved facial covering as directed during the quarantine period shall be excluded from any further school attendance during his/her quarantine period.

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