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FFA Updates

Fredericktown FFA Chapter Competes in Ashland Invitational

Recently, members of the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the second CDE of the spring. It was held at Ashland High School. There were three different contests that members form Fredericktown competed in. They were: Wildlife Management, Nature Interpretation, and General Livestock. Congratulations to all of those who competed in the contests.

For the Wildlife and Nature contest, members had to identify which animal the part being shown was from. They did the same for plants. Members had to evaluate reptiles, amphibians, fowl, etc. Those members were Kyrsten Andrews. She placed 27th individually in Nature and 30th individually in Wildlife.

Participants in the General Livestock CDE cooperatively classify livestock as “keep” or “cull” for market and breeding purposes based on physical characteristics and records. Those members were Marissa Simmons, Maribeth Pozderac, and Alexa Jones. They placed 24th overall.


Fredericktown FFA Competes in State Equine Judging Competition

Recently, members from the Fredericktown FFA competed in the state contest for spring CDEs. This was held at various places. One of the teams that went was the equine judging team. Congratulations to all of those who competed in this contest!

The equine management CDE is designed to give participants the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge about horses and their care. Members evaluate and rank horses based on their conformation, performance, breed characteristics, and other qualities. They may also be asked to identify various types of equipment, nutrients and equine breeds. A team consists of about four members with the top three scores being used to determine a team’s score.

This year’s members were (LtoR) Macey Gage, Jacob Rook, and William Manning. The team placed 71st overall in Ohio. And Congratulations to Macey Gage who placed 7th overall which also qualified her to compete in the Ohio Equine State Finals with other individuals and teams in the Top 10 in the state at the end of April!!


Fredericktown FFA Competes in State Wildlife Competition

Recently, a Fredericktown FFA member competed in the competition for state spring CDEs. This contest was held at the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

The Wildlife Management Contest also involves identification activities and practicum that deal with the ability to recognize various signs of wildlife and determine procedures for management. It focuses more on the knowledge of wild animal species than Nature Interpretation.

The member who represented Fredericktown at this contest was Kyrsten Andrews. She placed 65th overall.


Fredericktown FFA Competes in State General Livestock Competition

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA took place in the state contest for spring CDEs. This contest was held at various places. One of the teams that went was the General Livestock team. Congratulations to all of those who competed!

The General Livestock Competition is designed to help members recognize quality livestock animals and their traits. Participants place several classes of animals according to their appearance, movement, and other characteristics. They may also need to consider records and data. The classes can be any species of livestock, animal including swine, cattle and sheep. Members may be asked to evaluate classes based on their market qualities or based on the characteristics in regards to breeding. Competitors also determine which animals to keep and which should be sold in keep or cull classes.

Another part of the contest is answering written questions about the classes. Each member scored based on how well they answer the questions and how they did in the scoring part of the contest. A team’s score is a combination of the top four contestants. Teams must have at least four members.

The members that competed in this contest were Marissa Simmons, Cassidy Small, Jessica Small, Maribeth Pozderac, Macy Thorne, Alexa Jones, and Haley Rook. Congratulations to Cassidy Small who placed 25th individually overall. The team placed 11th, and just barely missed the State Finals competition by one point.


Fredericktown FFA Participates in Knox County Envirothon

Recently several members of the Fredericktown FFA chapter participated in the Knox County Envirothon. This event was held at Ariel-Foundation Park in Mount Vernon. Presenters from the Knox County Soil & Water Conservation district, the Natural Resources & Conservation District presented the training sessions.

Participants for this activity had the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of a natural environment by attending different stations that each dealt with a different environmental topic. Topics included wildlife and invasive species, soil analysis, current environmental issues, and forestry. Teams were allotted 30 minutes for each station and rotated between stations. Each station was lead by an adult volunteer who would explain a few key parts of their topic and give a short demonstration.

After that, the teams answered questions regarding what was discussed for each topic to test their knowledge and help them prepare for the Area 3 competition coming up. All of the teams did well and the participants learned a lot about their environment. Ten of them will be advancing to the Area 3 Contest while the other five will be alternatives.


Fredericktown FFA Hosts Annual Banquet

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter hosted their Annual FFA Awards banquet. This event is to give all FFA members the awards that they have earned throughout the year. Congratulations to all of those who received awards.

The Greenhand FFA degree is given to those who completed their first year as an FFA member that have completed the necessary items which include plans for their SAE, learned the FFA history, and demonstrated the appropriate skills. This year there were twenty two people that received the Greenhand award, and they were: Ashtyn Andrews, Kaid Benson, Taylor Billman, Dylan Brown, Cody Corry, Alanna Diehl, Macey Gage, Lilly Jeffers, Katelyn Knoblock, Rachel Matthews, Aaron McNeil, Emma Morey, Cailyn Parrish, Bryce Rinehart, Jacob Rook, Wyatt Snell, Lydia Stute, Macy Thorne, Steven Tumbleson, Jesse VanAtta, Zach Vogelsang, and Melissa Warner.

The Star Greenhand award is given to one or two first year members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and other qualities in the chapter and are the top Greenhand members overall. Those members were: Macy Thorne and Steven Tumbleson.

The Chapter FFA degree is earned by participating in the second year of FFA, and agricultural classes, and has demonstrated the necessary requirements, and the appropriate skills. These members were also very active in their SAE records. Those members were: Georgie Caputo, Macey Gage, William Manning, Heaven Martin, Jake Sanders, Marissa Simmons, Cassidy Small, Ethan Smith, Will Stelzer, and Hannah Vaughn.

Some members were recognized with a Star Chapter Farmer award. These members demonstrated outstanding qualities as an FFA member and leader in the chapter and for being the Star Chapter Farmer member. This year, those members were: Marissa Simmons and Cassidy Small.

Additional awards were given out to outstanding juniors and seniors. The Outstanding Junior Award was awarded to Alexa Jones, Maribeth Pozderac, and Haley Rook. The Ebersole Awards were presented to seniors: Cierrah Calbert, and Ally Helmick. The Outstanding Senior Award goes and the Fredericktown FFA Alumni Scholarship Award was presented to Jessica Small

Holly McClay, and Milan Pozderac were both recognized at the banquet because they are candidates for state officers. Milan is running for the office of State President, and Holly is running for a state office. They will soon be going through an interviewing process to continue their journey towards state office.

Awards were given to members for their leadership in the chapter. A few members from each class, Ag I through Ag IV, are given the leadership award for setting a good example for other members by demonstrating their skills as a leader. This year’s winners were: Kaid Benson, Lydia Stute, and Melissa Warner (Ag I), Ethan Smith, Jake Sanders, and William Manning (Ag II), Kyrsten Andrews (Ag III), and Ally Helmick (Ag IV).

Members also received an award for maintaining their grade point average in all of their classes. The scholarship award is given to the person with the highest GPA in each class. Those recognized were selected to receive a special scholarship awards. Those members were: Lydia Stute and Steven Tumbleson were selected for Ag I, Georgie Caputo, Cassidy Small, and Hannah Vaughn were selected for Ag II, Rachael LaBenne was selected for Ag III, and Jessica Small was selected for Ag IV.

The Honorary Chapter FFA degree was awarded to Judy Moore.


Fredericktown FFA Team is named State ENR Champions!

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter had a team compete in the State Environmental and Natural Resources contest. The event was held at the Zane State College Natural Resource Center in Zanesville.

In order to qualify for this contest, teams must place within the top five teams in one of the competitions that relates to the environment and its resources. Those career development events include Urban Soils, Rural Soils, Wildlife Management, Nature Management, and Forestry. Fredericktown’s team had placed third in the Urban state Ag Soils competition to qualify for the State ENR Competition. This accomplishment also qualified them to compete in May in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The ENR Contest involves five separate parts including: soils analysis, habitat, GPS location, water analysis, and a presentation on a topic. Teams consist of four members. Teams analyze the different characteristics of the water, soil, and Ecosystems and habitats (which includes the local wildlife and plant species) and use a GPS to locate various points. Theyed work together as a team to answer questions about each section. The presentation topic was Wildlife Conservation and Species Extinction. Fredericktown’s team did their presentation to the local Quails Unlimited organization about wildlife conservation and practices that can be implemented that will positively affect the wildlife in their area. Contestants also had to take an online test. The team was named the top team in Ohio which qualifies them to compete in the National Environmental & Natural Resource competition in Indianapolis, Indiana in October!

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