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Updated Quarantine Guidelines

Fredericktown Local Schools has chosen to Opt-In to the Knox Public Health Modified Quarantine Guidelines.

Fredericktown Local Schools will continue to follow the Board of Education Face Mask Policy-8450.01. The Knox Public Health Quarantine Opt-In only applies to in-class instruction during the instructional day. An Opt-In student may not participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, band, and all other extracurriculars during their quarantine period, even if they are able to attend school using the modified quarantine guidelines, per Knox Public Health.

Fredericktown Local Schools will notify parents/guardians of students identified as close contacts and follow the procedures identified in the Knox Public Health document from above.

K-12 students identified as close contacts, who participate in the program, will report to the nurse each day, upon arrival at school, for a Symptom Assessment (click here to download). Students who pass the Symptom Assessment may proceed to class and properly wear a facial covering at all times except when authorized to remove it by school personnel (example: eating). Students who do not pass the Symptom Assessment will be sent home. They will wait in the quarantine room for pick-up by the parent or guardian.

Students who do not meet the criteria at any time 

Mask Policy Update

Dear Parents and Community,

For the time being, Fredericktown Local Schools will be transitioning back to masks being optional for teachers and students during the school day beginning on Tuesday, October 19th. We will be continuing with our rigorous cleaning procedures and monitoring of COVID-19 in our community. Any staff member or student may continue wearing a mask to school.

The federal mask mandates for bussing are still in effect and all students and staff members will still be required to wear a mask while riding the school bus.

We will continue to monitor and evaluate as needed.

- Dr. Susan Hayward

Possible changes to lunch menu


Our school district is one of many that is experiencing a shortage of certain food items that are currently unavailable from our food service suppliers, so in the next few weeks, there could be unexpected menu changes that cannot be helped. Our distributers are having issues due to more lunches being served now that schools are offering free meals to students. We will attempt to keep changes to a minimum. While all of our distributers work through their stocking issues, students will also be limited to only purchasing one entree per meal.

Student Mask Mandate

Click here to download a message from Dr. Susan Hayward about student mask mandate. We will continue to monitor our positive cases and quarantine numbers for the purpose of evaluating our masking policy.

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Band performs at Cedar Point

On Saturday, August 14th, the FHS Marching Band performed in a parade around the Midway at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. The 2021 FHS Marching Band is under the direction of Katie Metz and Jessica Overholt.

Cedar Point1

Cedar Point3

Cedar Point2

Band Camp Awards

Band Camp

Congratulations to the High School Band for an outstanding band camp. Below are some of the award winners from the week...

Freddies of the day (student voted on):
Monday: Pink Payne
Tuesday: Olivia Harris and Jada Doerr
Wednesday: Ellie Kershner
Thursday: Noah Smith
Freddie of the Week: Celeste Swihart

Section/Squad of the day (staff voted on):
Monday: Trumpet squad: Justin Zollars, Makayla Paulley, Parker Rine, Sierra Rine
Tuesday: Flute squad: Elsa Hoam, Ayla Burkett, Samantha Chattin
Wednesday: Mellophone Section: Kaden Pealer, Madi Bender, Laney Wenger, Aiden McManis, Pink Payne, Lane Dugan, Aubrey Whiteley
Thursday: Trumpet squad: Chase Keyes, Alex Selby, Jada Doerr, Kelci Hess
Squad of the Week: Percussion: Cole Bartsch, Annabelle Kershner, Jonathan Leach, Ethan Cline, Kaleb Hess, Gracie McMahon, Hayden Umfleet, Michael Hassel, Angelo Milicia, Pyper Mulvihill, Lucas Phillips, Jeremy Risko, Cicely Barstch,