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District Goals

Last Updated: 11/12/2021 2:24 PM

2021– 2023
Measures and Timeline for District Goals 

At Fredericktown Local Schools, each of us is invested in and supportive of opportunities that maximize the educational experience and growth of every student.

1. District Leadership Team Goals:

3 Year Plan:
2019-2020: Research/Learning/Implement
2020-2021: Implement
2021-2023: Monitor Fidelity and Revise /Adjust

Goal 1: During the 2020-2023 school years, Fredericktown Local Schools will continue to implement a Social/Emotional Framework to address the social/emotional needs of K-12 students. Following the implementation during years 2020-2022, monitoring and revising will continue through the 2022-2023 school year.  

Goal 2: During the 2020-2021 school year, students will engage in weekly nonfiction reading and strategy instruction across content areas to increase academic stamina and rigor. From 2021-2023, literacy logs will be used to track progress.

a. Formative measures include DLT agendas and minutes (monthly) quarterly assessment data, (November, January, April) and State Report Card Data (September).
b. Monitor fidelity and revise/adjust (monthly).

2. Learning Loss

a. Identify the impacted students for learning loss using the following:
State tests, STAR, RIMPS, KRA, formative assessments, summative assessments, online learning assessments (ODA), attendance, and grades (fall, 2021)

b. Identify resources needed to support student learning loss (summer/fall, 2021):
Remediation and intervention programs, curriculum materials, intervention teachers, and after school programs

c. Evaluate student growth through multiple measures: pretests, quarterly assessments, classroom assessments, standardized tests, and other measures. TBTs, BLTs, and DLTs will discuss this data at their meetings and discuss ways to support students with learning loss (weekly, monthly, or quarterly).

3. Technology Needs Assessment (2022-2023 school year)

a. The Library Media Specialist (LMS) will conduct a gap analysis of technology skills taught at each grade and present a report to Administrator/teachers by January, 2023 compared to the Ohio’s Technology Standards.

b. The LMS will study practices in similar districts in how they deliver technology instruction (February, 2023).

c. Recommendations made to the Board of Education (April, 2023).

4. Integrate Connections With Industry and Businesses into the Curriculum

a.  Work with Business Advisory Council members, administrators, guidance offices, and other agencies to establish robust career planning into the Curriculum.  

5. Continue to find ways and finances to develop and expand focused teacher and staff learning through professional development

a. Target and identify specific areas to fund and support focused systematic PD that positively impacts teacher and staff efficacy, enthusiasm, student achievement, and engagement. We will use ESSER 2 and ARP ESSER monies for this goal. The BLTs, DLTs, and Administration will work together to determine what PD is needed and wanted. 


All stakeholders of Fredericktown Local Schools are actively engaged in collaborative relationships built on a high level of trust to support strong district and community connections.


1. Plan Submission

a. The Knox County Service Center submits a general plan to the Ohio Department of Education for the Building Advisory Council (September).

2. WorkDev Participation

a. One representative will attend the Knox County Workforce Development Committee meetings (monthly).

b. One representative will participate in the business tours (as scheduled).

3. Communication

a. Expand communication through annual mailing to residents (August, 2022).

b. Expand use of the district website and Facebook (weekly-monthly).

c. Expand positivity initiatives, especially academic (weekly-monthly)

d. Building and district surveys with community stakeholders (annually)


At all levels, Fredericktown Local Schools engage in responsible governance and operational practices that are efficient, effective and student-centered.


1. Policy and Guideline Review

a. Participate in wholesale review of policies and guidelines with NEOLA and the Board’s Policy Committee and make necessary recommendations (monthly-quarterly).

b. Participate in quarterly revisions of policies and guidelines with NEOLA and the Board’s Policy Committee and make necessary recommendations (quarterly).

c. Review/update certified and classified job descriptions (spring).

d. Review of specific Board Policies with staff in newsletters (quarterly) 


Fiscal accountability and the utilization of all resources are a priority of Fredericktown Local Schools, and all transactions are accurate, transparent, and supportive of district goals and objectives.


1. District Budget Timeline

a. Develop a calendar for principals and coordinators (November).

b. The Treasurer and Superintendent will meet with principals and coordinators to review the process for the upcoming school year (February).

c. Building budgets submitted for approval (April).

e. Determine budget items based on priority spending, have discussions with staff members on an as needed basis (June).

e. Distribute all completed and approved budgets to staff that have budgets (July).
f. All stakeholders need to maintain a balanced budget, unless approved by the Supervisor (monthly check-in).

2.  Long Term Capital Projects

a. Create a five-year plan for long term capital needs (revise and adjust annually prior to five-year forecast - October and April)