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Jim Peterson
Interim Superintendent



District Report Card

DISTRICT VISION: Partnering with families and the community to provide all students with the best opportunity for success in a changing world.

DISTRICT MISSION: Every day, everyone, learning and adapting to excel in a changing world.

DISTRICT BELIEF: The responsibility for education is an active partnership among the schools, students, families, and all stakeholders of our community.

DISTRICT VALUES: We believe Fredericktown Local Schools will:

  • provide a safe, welcoming, and orderly environment
  • ​​​​​​​recognize that every student can learn, grow, and succeed
  • instill respect and responsibility through positive learning experiences
  • provide and support an active partnership among the schools, students, families, and all stakeholders
  • integrate the necessary technology to be successful in our ever changing world
  • support co-curricular activities to provide positive opportunities for all students
  • measure success by what is learned, not by what is taught


  • EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: At Fredericktown Local Schools, each of us is invested in and supportive of opportunities that maximize the educational experience and growth of every student.
  • DISTRICT AND COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: All stakeholders of Fredericktown Local Schools are actively engaged in collaborative relationships built on a high- level of trust to support strong district and community connections.
  • RESPONSIBLE GOVERNANCE AND OPERATIONS: At all levels, Fredericktown Local Schools engage in responsible governance and operational practices that are efficient, effective and student-centered.
  • FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Fiscal accountability and the utilization of all resources are a priority of Fredericktown Local Schools, and all transactions are accurate, transparent and supportive of district goals and objectives.