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Kirsten Carpenter
Guidance 6-12


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Need a transcript? If you are a current FHS student or graduated recently, please fill out a Transcript Request Form from the guidance office or contact us at the number listed below. Be sure to include the address of where you want your transcript sent. If you are a former student who graduated in 2013 or before, please contact the administrative offices at 740.694.2956 to request your transcript. 


Honors diploma requirements are being revised for the class of 2021 and beyond! Click here for information on the revised honors diploma criteria. Until then, students in the graduating classes of 2017-2020, can use the revised or previously established criteria. Click here for the previously established criteria. 


Ohio's options for a high school diploma have recently changed! In addition to earning 21 high school credits (this has not changed), students can meet the additional graduation requirements by a variety of options through the new graduation pathways. Most students in the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022 will meet this by earning 18 graduation points total on seven end-of-course exams (also known as AIR Tests or Ohio’s State Tests), with a minimum of 4 points on english tests, 4 points on math tests, and 6 points total between science and social studies tests. Once the default minimums have been met, the additional required points may come from any of the categories. These tests take place each winter and/or spring, and each of the seven tests is worth 1 to 5 graduation points. Students may also earn graduation points through Advanced Placement (AP) tests or College Credit Plus (CCP) courses but will still have to take the state tests in some areas. This points system replaces the old Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) requirement for graduation you may be familiar with. The class of 2023 and beyond has a new set of graduation requirements that is different. All of this information is in our course planning handbook (posted below) and is also discussed with students each year during the scheduling process. Click here to visit the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website for more information for your graduating class.


College Credit Plus Information

College Credit Plus (CCP) Website

CCP Intent Form

CCP Flow Chart

General and MVNU Presentation from CCP Information Night


Student and Parent Academic Resources

2019-20 High School Profile

2021-22 Course Planning Handbook

2019-20 Guidance Events and Information

Senior "To Do" List

Senior "Brag Sheet" - For Recommendation Letter Requests

High School Planning Sheet

ACT Dates & Online Registration


College and Career Planning Resources

Big Future


Ohio Means Jobs


Ohio Department of Higher Education - Ohio's Campuses


Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid for College (Link to FAFSA)

Financial Aid Resources and Information

Federal Financial Aid Information (FASFA)

College Preparation Checklist - Federal Student Aid

Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators


Student and Parent Community Resources

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Mrs. Rhonda Goeppinger
Guidance Secretary/Registrar

Mrs. Kirsten Carpenter
Middle/High School Counselor

Mrs. Hannah Art
School Social Worker

Mrs. Molly Compton
Elementary School Counselor

Phone: 740.694.2726, Ext. 3400
Fax: 740.694.1294