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Principal's Message

Miguel Thompson
Elementary Principal

     Welcome to a new school year at Fredericktown Elementary School!  We are excited to have so many new students joining us.  We also have a few new teachers this year, Miss Alex Rutherford (Kindergarten), Mr. Alex Goricki (Kindergarten), Mrs. Jazmin Yadav (Speech and Language Pathologist), Miss Sierra Blase (3rd grade), Mrs. Samantha Boone (4th grade), and Mrs. Kristy Grimwood (Special Education and Testing Coordinator).

     There are many new things happening in schools across Ohio.  You may have read about the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, Ohio's New Learning Standards, and The Ohio State Tests which are online.  There are many people across Ohio working to make our schools better.  

     Here at Fredericktown Elementary School, we’re hard at work, too.  Our district Mission Statement:  Every day, everyone working together to learn and improve, means that we all need to come to school every day ready to learn new things and improve on past learning and practice.  This applies to staff members as well as students.

     Technology at Fredericktown Schools is changing the way we do business in many ways.  Test scores, progress reports, attendance records, and communication may not look the same as in the past.  Our district tries to balance record keeping and communication methods so that each family has access to necessary information.

     We are very thankful to you for entrusting us with the education of the district’s children.  It is an awesome and formidable task.  We do take it seriously.  Underlining what we do every day is the question, “Are we educating the children for their future or for our past?”

     Please call the school office if you have questions or concerns.  We welcome your comments, presence, and e-mails.  It is always our goal to work together with you to ensure that the children are safe and receive the best education that the district can provide.



                                                         Miguel Thompson, Principal



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