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FFA Updates

Fredericktown FFA competes in County Forestry Contest

Recently, members of the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the County Forestry contest held at Garrett and Linda Swendal’s Farm in Danville.

For this competition, contestants must show their knowledge in various practicums, and perform a timber cruising on ten different trees. This year’s practicums required contestants to do multiple tasks. They identified the tree, and took the diameter of it, using a tape measure. They also determined how many 16 foot logs come out of each tree. Eventually, they determined how much the wood from each tree would be worth to timber it out. Fredericktown placed fourth overall. Members included: Kaid Benson, Jake Sanders, Ashtyn Andrews, Steven Tumbleson, Cassie Small, Cody Corry, Georgie Caputo, Ethan Smith, Haley Rook, Jessica Small, Chase Stockdale, Alexa Jones, Justice Stacey, Rachael LaBenne, and Kyrsten Andrews.


Fredericktown FFA excels at County Soils Contest

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter sent two teams to compete at the Knox County Soil Judging Competition. The event was held at the Fowler Farms in Amity.

For this contest, members can compete in rural soil judging or urban soil judging. Participants must measure the slope, depth of topsoil, and additional important factors, as well as determine the soil type, texture, drainage class, and other information for multiple soil pits. Contestants must be familiar with the requirements for various land uses and identify what use each pit area would be best suited for.

Both the Urban and Rural Soils Teams did very well! The Urban Team took 1st place and qualified for the District 7 Urban Soils Competition, with Haley Rook as the 1st place individual in the event and Cassie Small in 2nd. Urban team members were: (LtoR William Manning, Macey Gage, Hannah Vaughn, Georgie Caputo, Heaven Martin, Marissa Simmons, Jake Sanders, Cassie Small, Alexa Jones, Jessica Small, Maribeth Pozderac, Haley Rook, Chase Stockdale, and Ethan Smith.

Those advancing to the district contest are Haley Rook, Cassie Small, Maribeth Pozderac, Jessica Small, and William Manning. Hannah and Chase will be the alternates.

The Rural Soils Judging Team received 3rd overall in the County. The Rural Team members were: Steven Tumbleson, Jesse VanAtta, Ashtyn Andrews, Kaid Benson, Wyatt Snell, Jacob Rook, Lily Jeffers, Taylor Billman, Macy Thorne, Aaron McNeil, Kyrsten Andrews, Mel Werner, and Katelynn Knoblock.

The following will be advancing to the district rural contest: Steven Tumbleson, Jesse VanAtta, Wyatt Snell, Macy Thorne and Kyrsten Andrews. Alternates for the contest will be Jacob Rook and Ashtyn Andrews.


Fredericktown FFA members attended the Farm Science Review

Recently several FFA members traveled to the Molly Caren Agricultural Center (MCAC) near London to attend the Farm Science Review. It attracts upwards of 140,000 visitors from all over the United States and Canada, who come for three days to peruse 4,000 product lines from 600 commercial exhibitors, and learn the latest in agricultural production. The educational programs feature Ohio State and Purdue specialists and are second to none in the agricultural exhibition world. The 80-acre exhibit area allows visitors and exhibitors to experience all aspects of agriculture production. Inside the exhibit area are the static displays, but the FSR dedicates over 600 acres of land for field demonstrations such as corn and soybean combines, tillage, nutrient and lime applications, and drainage installations.

The following attending this educational event:

Front Row: Kyrsten Andrews, Cassie Small, Haley Rook, Jessica Small, Ally Helmick

Middle Row: Ethan Smith, Chase Stockdale, Wyatt Snell, Maribeth Pozderac, Rachael LaBenne, Alexa Jones, Ashtyn Andrews, Taylor Billman, Mel Werner, and Katelyn Knoblock.

Back Row: Justice Stacey, Jacob Rook, Aaron McNeil, Will Stelzer, Kaid Benson, Zach Vogelsang, Steven Tumbleson, Bryce Rinehart, and Lily Jeffers.


Fredericktown FFA Advances to State Forestry Competition

Recently, members of the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the District 7 Forestry Contest. For this competition, contestants must take a written test, show their knowledge in various practicums, and perform a timber cruising on 10 different trees. The test consists of questions relating to forest management, forestry statistics, and harvesting techniques. This year’s practicums required participants to identify the leaves of various tree species, recognize different pieces of equipment, identify and troubleshoot chainsaw parts, and identify diseases and disorders of the forestry industry. For the timber cruising section, members had to measure the diameter at breast height (DBH) and number of 16’ logs in each tree, as well as determine the specie and amount of board feet in all ten of the trees. Additionally, they had to determine the value of each individual tree and the total value and board feet.

All of the contestants scored very well. The team placed 6th and will advance to the State Competition.

Members include: Ethan Smith, Chase Stockdale, Ashtyn Andrews, Kaid Benson, Alexa Jones, Kyrsten Andrews, Justice Stacey, Cody Corry, and Jake Sanders. Not pictured are: Steven Tumbleson and Georgie Caputo.


Fredericktown FFA Wins District Urban Soils Contest

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter sent two teams to the District 7 Soils Competition. The event was held recently at Mt. Oval Historical Farm in Pickaway County, Ohio.

This contest consists of two parts, a written exam and soil evaluation. The exam tests participants knowledge of soil practices, statistics regarding Ohio’s soil, and other soil-related topics. Contestants must also evaluate 3 soil pits in terms of drainage, texture, structure and other key factors. They also take measurements for the slope of the area, the depth of topsoil, and any other necessary information. Using their evaluations, they then determine what uses each pit would be best for and decide on any management practices that should be exercised.

The Urban team will evaluate their pits for Urban purposes and if they could install a building with a basement, what septic system to install, manage the property for lawns, gardens, and landscaping, and driveways and local roads. The Rural team will evaluate their pits for agricultural use and will need to determine the proper crop rotation, how to reduce erosion and compaction, and how to maintain water quality as well as improving soil fertility.

Both the Urban and Rural Soils Judging Teams did very well. There are 22 schools in District 7. Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden.

The rural team placed 6th place and barely missed qualifying for the state competition. Those team members were: Kyrsten Andrews, Jesse VanAtta, Steven Tumbleson, Jacob Rook, and Macy Thorne.

The Urban Team swept 1st place and qualified for the state competition. Those team members were: Cassie Small, Haley Rook, Jessica Small, Maribeth Pozderac, and William Manning. Jessica Small placed second place overall individually, Maribeth placed nineth and Cassie placed 11th overall.


Fredericktown FFA competed in State Forestry Competition

Recently, members of the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the State Forestry Contest at Hocking College in Nelsonville, OH.

The team completed many practicums such as leaf identification, disease and disorder identification, timber stand improvement, equipment identification, chainsaw identification, and chainsaw trouble shooting, and timber cruising.

They also took a timber cruising of ten different trees. For this they Identified the tree, took the diameter of it, and went through a variety of other steps to find how much the lumber from that tree would be worth if that tree was to be timbered. The contestants did very well. The team placed 13th overall in the state. Members were: (LtoR) Kyrsten Andrews, Alexa Jones, Jessica Small and Kaid Benson.


Fredericktown Urban Soils team Headed for another National Contest!

Recently, the members from the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the state soils competition in London, in Madison County. For the urban soils, contestants go through a process to determine if the area they are testing the soil from is fit for a home site. They determine the structure, and texture of the soil, along with shooting the slope, and answering a series of questions about different aspects that go into a house. This includes the septic tank system, the landscape of lawns and gardens, a driveway, etc. Additionally, contestants must know and determine how each area should be used and what management practices are necessary to improve the potential home sites being judged. Also as part of the contest, participants must take a soil survey test to show they know how to use and read a soil survey book. And complete a general knowledge test.

The team did very well and took 3rd place in the state contest! And qualified to complete in the National Homesite Soils Competition in Oklahoma in May. Members were: Haley Rook, Jessica Small who placed 15th individual, Maribeth Pozderac who took 17th individual, and Cassidy Small, who placed 5th individually overall.

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