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Youth Basketball Camp

Summer School

Summer School is open for all students in grades K-4 in the district.  If you are interested in sending your child please contact the Elementary Office for an application.  

The cost is $25 for supplies and snacks.  

The dates are June 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and August 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11.  Summer School is from 9am until noon each day.  

Nickels for Nepal

The Elementary Student Council decided to raise funds for the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal.  They sponsored a change drive for grades K-2 vs. 3-5.  The K-2 hallway won the challenge by donating the most money.  In all Fredericktown Elementary School students donated $478.97 to the victims of Nepal through the American Red Cross.  

CARE Award Recipients

The CARE Award is based on our school wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support framework to encourage positive behaviors in our school.  Our general expectations of our students are:





The following students were chosen by a staff member because they show great citizenship, accountability, respect, and empathy:

Shelbi Brown, Clinton Parker, Sydney Wilson, Kaleb Randall, Nick McFerren, Rachel Patterson, Taylor Brown, Olivia Harris, Konner Manley, Truman Chester, Luke Overholt, Ana Kraus, Justice Mitchell, Anson Wenger, Chase Bagwell, Oliver Childers, Korbin Rogers, Destinee Dickerson, Annie Craft, Natasha Tucker, Bella Mullins, Emily Rook, Jayson Herbst, Christopher Cline, Isaac Messimer, Makaylia Schlosser, Lexie Wittman, Kelsey Scott, Gracie McMahon, David Ballinger, Raegan Blanchard, Destiny Blubaugh, Hayden Reed, Hopa Roubinek, Alex Brumenshenkel, Gracie Lester, Olivia Overholt, Tristen Werner, Alayna Aurand, Noah Smith, Taylor Breighner, Kodie Spearman, Arilyn Frazier, Keith Rogers, Joseph Profitt, Magen Watson, Chance Smith, Ian Hively, Hailey Randall, Brett Mast, and Kaylynn Rine.  

Relay for Life

Family and Community members sponsored the Kindergarten students to run/walk around the track in order to get money to donate for Relay for Life.  The Kindergarten students earned an impressive $3,058.83 to go towards cancer research.  

Pozderac ranks First at National FFA Contest

Congratulations to Milan Pozderac, who ranked first at the National FFA Land and Range Judging Contest in Oklahoma.

Fredericktown FFA Equine team takes 25th in the State Competition

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA competed in the State Contest. The team took 25th  overall.  The horse management CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students current horse evaluation and selection techniques and management.  In this contest members must identify tack and equipment, judge hay, take a written exam, and judge horses in two halter classes and one performance class.   Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. Team members participating in this contest include Demi Rizor, Monica VanAtta and Courtney Ballinger. 

Fredericktown FFA takes 32nd in the State Wildlife Management Contest

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA competed in the State Wildlife Management competition at the Ohio Expo Center. This contest is to stimulate and to promote instruction in the areas of fish and wildlife management, as well as to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of natural resources instruction.  In this contest they must take a general knowledge exam, identify 75 specimens (including mammals, game birds, fish, food & cover plants, and equipment),  and complete practicum’s in the areas of reading topographical maps, understanding pond management, aging and sexing wildlife, determining habitat management requirements, controlling nuisance animals, and identifying game laws and safety.  The Wildlife Management Team took 32nd overall.  Fredericktown FFA Adviser is Debra Burden. Those members include (LtoR):  Jacob Lotz, Dalton Canter, and Kendra Denton. 

Fredericktown FFA takes 17th in State General Livestock Judging

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA competed in the General Livestock Judging Contest at the Ohio Expo Center.  This Career Development Program is designed as a practical method of teaching students to recognize quality production animals.  The skills students learn in evaluating general livestock producers and consumers by giving them practical experience in identifying and understanding characteristics that affect production and quality.  The students have to take a written exam, complete market grid questions, place 8 classes of beef, sheep, swine, or goats, place a keep/call class and answer questions on the placing classes.  The team took 17th place and Jessica Small took 30th individual out of 874 individuals. Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. 

Fredericktown FFA brings home another State Banner!!

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA participated in the State Environmental and Natural Resources Competition at Darby Creek Metro Park in Galloway, Ohio. The only teams that can compete in this competition are the top 5 teams in Rural and Urban Soils, Forestry, Wildlife Management, and Nature Interpretations.

The Environmental and Natural Resource Career Development Events responsibility is to prepare students to enter careers in the Environmental and Natural Resource Industry.  This contest also allows students to demonstrate their skills and competencies in the areas of:  soil analysis, water analysis, environmental, wildlife and nature identifications and habitats and a GPS navigation event.  They also had to make and present a PowerPoint presentation it in front of judges about a current environmental issue.  The team was given the topic of algal blooms in Lake Erie and Grand St. Mary’s Lake and had to support with evidence the causes of this and how it could be managed to reduce the current algae and prevent further damage. 

The team placed 3rd in the state receiving their second state banner this year! This contest will help the soils team prepare for the national soils competition in Oklahoma coming up later this spring. 

Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. The team consisted of Jacob Lotz, Holly McClay, Milan Pozderac and Ryan Matthews. 

Fredericktown FFA takes 5th in District Ag Power Diagnostics Contest

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA competed in the District Agriculture Power Diagnostics contest, formally called Tractor Trouble Shooting. The team took 5th place at the district competition that was held at Franklin Equipment in Columbus. 

This Career Development Event is an extension of the Ag Ed classroom and laboratory.  This CDE serves as an authentic assessment that is designed to evaluate students’ knowledge in recognizing and repairing malfunctions in agricultural and/or industrial power equipment.  The skills these student’s employ in this CDE is the same skills required by agricultural and industrial technicians. 

The team must take an online general knowledge exam, and work together in five different diagnostic stations during the competition.  The team took 5th place overall. 

Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. Pictured left to right are team members:  Joe Grogg and Cody Sollars

Fredericktown FFA Speakers place top in the State

Recently, the Fredericktown FFA chapter competed in the State Public Speaking contest. The Fredericktown FFA had two members that qualified to compete at the state competition in both the Advanced Creed Contest and the Prepared Public Speaking.

In the Advanced Creed contest members must recite the FFA creed written by E.M. Tiffany and answer questions about the creed.  AJ Clevenger who participated in the advanced creed contest took 5th place overall and received a silver rating. 

In the Prepared Public Speaking contest members must create and present a speech to the judges and then answer any questions that the judges may have. Abby Pozderac, swept 2nd place overall with a gold rating and qualified to compete in the Regional Competition at The Big E contest in Springfield, Massachusetts next September. Congratulations to all of the public speakers on their hard work and success.

Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. Pictured from Left to Right:  AJ Clevenger and Abby Pozderac

2015-16 District Calendar Available

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Clarification on accessibility and accommodations for new state tests

Clarification on Accessibility and Accommodations for New State Tests has been released that provides answers to these questions: What are accessibility features and accommodations and how have these changed in the 2014-2015 school year? What are the federal IDEA rules and how does Ohio ensure compliance? How do the new changes impact an IEP team’s decisions? Please see the link below for current guidance on these topices from Ohio Department of Education:


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